Nintendo appears to be making a tablet--and I don't mean the one that comes with the Wii U. The Japanese game company is reportedly working on an Android-powered tab that will run educational games for kids.

The news comes from a series of tweets by Nando Monterazo, a software engineer for Nintendo of America, who also mentioned that the games would feature classic Nintendo characters like Mario and Link. The tweets have since been deleted, but fan site Nintendo Everything was diligent enough to collect the tweets before they were removed.

With increasing pressure from investors to make games for mobile and with the Wii U selling fewer than 5 million units in the past 12 months, a standalone tablet from Nintendo actually makes some sense. Android is a very versatile operating system, and Nintendo could easily modify the OS to suit its needs.

Before you get too excited, however, it's unlikely that you'll be able to pick up one of these "NintenDroid" tablets from your local store. Since the tablet is reportedly aimed for educational use, Nintendo might limit sales of the tab to approved schools and other educational institutions. There's also the chance that Nintendo would choose to only release the tablet in Japan, which wouldn't be the first time the company was selective about where it released its products.

We've reached out to Nintendo for a comment and to confirm whether or not Monterazo is employed by NOA, but the company's official line is that it doesn't comment on rumors or speculation. If Nintendo is testing out the mobile waters, then there's still hope for everyone wishing they could play Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. on their smartphones. Well, everyone who isn't already doing that via an emulator.