Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll to see what percentage of its website's visitors thought Microsoft's Surface tablet could beat Apple's iPad. The most notable outcome from the poll was that a combined 50 percent of respondents thought that Microsoft's Surface tablet would beat Apple's extremely popular iPad. See also: Microsoft Surface Tablet release date and specs.

The 50 percent figure is made up from the two "yes" votes on offer, with 27 percent saying "Yes, Surface looks fantastic" and 20 percent saying "Yes, eventually all Apple innovations are overtaken". See also Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad comparison review.

More than 50% think Microsoft Surface will topple the iPad

Interestingly, the single biggest percentage of votes went to the "No, Apple iPad is too dominant" option. Which suggests that Microsoft will have to come up with much better specs than the ones currently on offer with the Surface tablets in order to achieve control of the Tablet market, a position that Apple currently enjoys.

The poll and its results sparked up hot debate on the PC Advisor forums, while many complained about the poll not having a "Don't care" option there were still a couple of pearls left. Forum user Bremner said this "As an Apple fan I truly hope that the MS tablet is a real competitor for the iPad. With no real competition Apple can pretty do what it likes knowing people will still buy it." Others like forum user Alan14 said they were excited to see the Surface tablets, but ultimately it they would "need to see the price".

Microsoft is not expected to launch its first Surface tablet, the Surface RT, until October when it will launch alongside Microsoft major new OS Windows 8. To find out more about the Microsoft Surface Tablets take a look at our Microsoft Surface review.

As per usual, the poll that ran for a week and experienced a high number of voters, 1868 in total.

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