Microsoft Surface tablets update

Microsoft is preparing to launch new versions of its Surface RT and Surface Pro Windows 8 tablets.

A slide shown at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference clearly shows "Update to Surface RT" and "Update to Surface Pro" among the firm's wider plans for its product portfolio. It is thought that the new Surface models will arrive sometime in the next year. See also: Nexus 10 vs Surface RT vs iPad 4 tablet comparison review.

It's possible the new model of the Surface Pro will be equipped with Intel's latest Haswell processor while The Verge reports that the Surface RT running Windows 8.1 is being tested with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The aforementioned chip comes with LTE support so we could see a 4G enabled Surface RT.

The slide also indicates that the Surface tablets will be getting new accessories and new accessory colours. This will supposedly include a keyboard attachment with a built-in battery.

Other interesting bits and pieces from the slide include some changes to Windows Phone 8 including "low cost", "killer hardware", "Skype experience" and "Start Screen innovation". Check out the slide above for info on Skype, Xbox, Xbox One, Bing and Office.

The Verge also reports that the Surface RT price will be cut this coming weekend, in the US at least. Microsoft will slash $150 from the tablet making it start at $349. It's unclear whether this drop will occur outside of the states.

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