Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft has finally announced that its Surface Pro tablet will go on sale in the UK on 23 May starting at £719. Updated on 16/05/13.

So far, the more powerful Surface tablet running Windows 8 Pro has only been available in the US, Canada and China. However, Microsoft has confirmed it will be released on 23 May in the UK and a number of other countries. See also: Microsoft Surface Pro vs Surface RT comparison review.

Surface Pro: Price

Our estimate of £749 for the 64GB model wasn't far off as the Surface Pro will start at £719, although Microsoft said this is an estimated price. The larger 128GB model will go on sale for £799. See also: Microsoft Surface Pro price in the UK.

Robert Epstein, UK Surface Lead, said: "There has been strong anticipation for Surface Pro in the UK and we’re excited to be able to offer people a fully blown Windows 8 PC packed with powerful processing features in the innovative Surface design."

Accessories to accompany the Surface Pro will include the Touch Cover, Type Cover, HD AV and VGA adaptors plus the Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition.

The Surface Pro will be released in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland by the end of May. It will reach Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand before the end of June.

Meanwhile, the Surface RT will be released in Malaysia on April 25th, in Mexico by the end of May and in Korea and Thailand in June. See also: Microsoft to launch 7in Surface.

"The enthusiasm for Surface has been fantastic, and we love hearing the stories of people who are making it the one device they use to work and play. This is what Surface was designed to do – simplify your life while letting you do more!" added Microsoft.

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