Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has announced pricing for its Surface Pro tablet, but how much will the Surface Pro cost in the UK?

The Surface Pro is the Surface RT's bigger and more powerful brother with an Intel processor and Windows 8 Pro. The Surface Pro will arrive in January 2013 with US prices starting at $899. See also: Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple iPad comparison review.

That starting price tag will get you a 64GB Surface Pro and a 128GB model costs $999. Both come with a Surface pen but the Touch and Type covers are sold separately. Microsoft hasn't announced UK pricing for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, so here's our analysis on the situation.

The US to UK price difference for the Surface RT gets larger as you spend more. The difference between dollars and pounds is 100, 120 and 140. It would be reasonable, then, if Microsoft used a similar method for the Surface Pro. See also: Microsoft to make 7in Xbox Surface gaming tablet.

With prices of $899 and $999, we think the sterling price for the Surface Pro in the UK could well be between £749 and £799 for the 64GB model. Microsoft will want the price jump to the 128GB model to be small enough to tempt buyers to spend a bit more. We predict another £100 placing the 128GB Surface Pro between £849 and £899.

If these prices are correct, then it would place the Surface Pro cheaper than Windows 8 hybrid tablet/Ultrabook devices such as the Toshiba U920t and Sony's Vaio Duo 11See also: What is an Ultrabook?

It's highly unlikely, but if we go with straight currency conversions, the Surface Pro will cost £560 for 64GB and £623 for 128GB. It's important to note that the UK price will include tax which the US price does not.

Surface Pro vs Surface RT

Although the Surface Pro looks the same as the Surface RT on the outside, its specification is significantly different. The 10.6in screen has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 rather than 1366 x 768 and the USB port is version 3.0, not 2.0.  

Inside are an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM as opposed to an nVidia Tegra 3 and 2GB of RAM.

As soon as we find out official UK pricing for the Surface Pro, we'll let you know so stay tuned.

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