Microsoft has confirmed the rumours of a million and one tech journalists and announced that it will be releasing an in-house tablet. Microsoft announced not one, but two new 10.6-inch 'Surface' tablets at a special press event in LA on Monday afternoon local time. The surface tablets are called Surface RT and Surface Pro - the latter with higher specs. See full Microsoft Surface tablet specs and our Microsoft Surface review.

Microsoft does not have pricing for either of the Tablets available for the press yet, however it did give rough guidelines for when each tablet will go on sale. Surface for Windows RT will go on sale at the same time as Windows 8, which is set for autumn 2012. Surface for Windows 8 Pro will go on sale three months after the Windows 8 launch. Visit Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad comparison review.

It is no secret that Microsoft has been working on a multi-platform Windows OS, but today at a last minute press event they tech heavy-weight has announced that it will rival Apple and Amazon with its own tablet. Go to Live: Microsoft press event | Windows 8 tablet launch.

Steven Sinofsky at the Microsoft press event in LA "We see a tablet that's designed the way Windows has been designed. A tablet that works and plays the way you want to. A tablet that's a great PC. A new type of computing: Surface. USB 2.0, thin, feels natural in hand. First PC with VaporMg Case."

"...under 1.5 pounds, 676 grams...Permanent scratch and wear resistant surface. Accentuates the unique feel of surface. Has access to all of the Windows apps for entertainment. Has optically bonded 10.6-inch display. That will minimize glare and make it good for reading."

Melissa Perenson covering the event for PC World US reports: Surface has an attachable cover...clicks into place. Integrated into the device, sort of smartcover, but more sturdy. just 12mmm thick and it’s a full multi-touch keyboard.

As reported byPC World's Jason Cross, the Surface tablets will come with Xbox Video and Xbox Music, Xbox companion app, and Smart Glass...same as any other Win8 PC.

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Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft Surface Tablet promo video

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