Apple launched its last iPad in March 2012, now just seven months down the line it has announced the 'iPad with Retina display'. We take a look at the major upgrades in this iPad 4 features article. See Apple launches iPad 4.

The fourth generation iPad with Wi-Fi models will also be available on Friday, November 2, in black or white for a suggested retail price of £399 inc VAT (£332.50 ex VAT) for the 16GB model, £479 inc VAT (£399.17 ex VAT) for the 32GB model and £559 inc VAT (£465.83 ex VAT) for the 64GB model. In short, no surprises here. See Apple announces iPad mini - details.

iPad 4 features: Processor and battery

iPad 4 processor preview The first internal change that we should talk about is the new processor in the iPad 4. It’s been upgraded to the dual-core A6X chip and Apple is already boasting that this chip makes the iPad with Retina display twice as fast as the third generation iPad. Take a look at iPad Mini preview.

Impressively, the improved performance of the iPad 4 hasn’t had an effect on the battery life. With Apple claiming that it will last 10 hours, just like its predecessor. Visit iPad mini, new iPad launch: as it happened.

iPad 4 features: Retina display

Interestingly, Apple is making a huge deal about the iPad 4 coming with a Retina display, this is pretty odd as the third generation iPad had a retina display too, so it’s a bit old hat really. Nevertheless it is still a quality feature and we suspect the fact that it is still the only tablet PC in its class to have such a sharp display, may be the reason Apple is making a “huge deal’ about it - if only to highlight the fact that its display is head and shoulders above the competition. Go to Apple announces new, thinner iMac for 2012.

iPad 4 features: Apps

There hasn’t been any major changes to the iLife range added for the iPad 4 (or the iPad mini which launched on the same day). However it is worth nothing that the iPad has over 275,000 apps made specifically for it and that makes the iPad 4 a very desirable tablet indeed. As Apple would have you believe “it’s the apps stupid”.

iPad 4 features: Faster Wi-Fi

iPad 4 Wi-Fi Ever noticed how some devices such as expensive new laptops, have better Wi-Fi performance than budget eReaders. Well you won’t be surprised to find out that’s because Wi-Fi comes in many shapes and sizes. The iPad has now upgraded its Wi-Fi so you can experience greater download speeds and improved web browsing. This is perhaps the best new feature in the iPad 4 as the majority of its users still use it primarily for surfing the internet.

iPad 4 features: 4G LTE

Apple scored a bit of an own goal with its previous version of the iPad by marketing it a 4G LTE compatible, while it was only compatible on a small selection of the LTE spectrum. Here in the UK the LTE on the third generation iPad never will work. Needless to say it’s a vast improvement having more “LTE carriers worldwide”, including the UK’s 1800 MHz frequency that EE will offer a 4G service on.

iPad 4 features: Cameras

Perhaps the most straightforward way Apple could differentiate the fourth iPad from the third generation iPad is by upgrading the cameras...and that is exactly what Apple has done (sort of). The iPad 4 now comes with a 5-megapixel rear facing iSight camera (same as found in the third generation iPad) and 1.2-megapicel HD Facetime camera - in numerical terms that 0.9 more megapixels that the iPad 3. Good, sensible, upgrading.

iPad 4 features: Lightning connector

ipad 4 lightning As predicted, the iPad 4 comes with a Lightning data connector. Apple now has its three latest iOS devices with this port. Apple says the Lightning connector is 80% smaller, more durable and reversible. The only downside is that all previous iOS peripherals now require a 30-pin to Lightning adapter, and they aren’t exactly cheap.

iPad 4 features: Extras

Naturally the new iPad 4 comes with everything you’d expect it to. Siri, iCloud, iOS 6, Apple maps (should you want it), Airplay, iBooks and everything else we have forgotten to mention.

iPad 4 features: Conclusion

The iPad 4 (with Retina display) is undoubtedly a good tablet PC, but it seems a little odd that Apple has launched a major new 9.7-inch iPad just seven months after the third generation iPad. In a way, the iPad 4 is what the third generation iPad should have been, mostly because of the significant advance in the processing power and possessing 4G LTE that works on a more worldwide scale (including the UK with the EE’s 1800 MHz frequency).