Intel is throwing its hat into the tablet ring with the TM105A tablet, and it is relying on the channel to get it out locally.

Developed in collaboration with ECS, the tablet comes with an Intel Atom Z2460 Core running Google's Android operating system.

Mobility a godsend and a nightmare

Available in sizes of 7" and 10", Intel distribution business and technical manager, Kamil Gurgen, said the tablet has been designed to be competitive in today's mobility-driven market.

"Although there are a number of products in the sub and above $250 price ranges, we don't see many of the resellers selling products in this category," he said.

For electronics such as tablets, there is minimum order quantity (MOQ), a quota which Gurgen has seen many resellers in Australia struggle to meet.

"With this tablet, we are the ones procuring the device on behalf of the resellers and selling it through our existing infrastructure used for selling of components," he said.

Accessing the channel

Intel has come up with the Channel Access Program (CHAP) to drive the adoption and resale of the table through resellers in Australia.

As for how resellers can take advantage of this program, Gurgen said it will be important to promote the Intel Inside branding that is prominently featured on the product and packaging.

"The tablet space has been growing for the last few years, and the one question we kept getting asked is what Intel's plans are for tablets," he said.

"That has created the motivation for us to go and work on CHAP to bring the product to resellers."

Gurgen said that resellers have the opportunity to brand the tablet in the way they want.

From a marketing standpoint, Intel will be working jointly with the resellers to promote the products and go to market together.

Altech Computers is the sole distributor for the device.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.