There is a healthy appetite out there at the minute for the Google Nexus tablet, and there are three major things that people want to know about it; these are the release date, specs and price. See Google Nexus 7 goes up for pre-order.

In a move which can safely be described as the complete opposite of the Microsoft Surface tablet launch, Google gave the public a comprehensive look at the Nexus 7 tablet. One that included its release date, confirmed specs and even a price. Google Nexus 7 tablet leaks ahead of Google I/O.

As predicted Google has produced a tablet aimed at the lower end of the market. The Nexus 7 will go head to head with Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet in the US. However, Amazon has still failed to launch the Kindle Fire tablet in Blighty, which means that one of the only other major tablet PCs in the Nexus 7's budget price range is the faltering BlackBerry Playbook.

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Google Nexus tablet release date, specs and price

Nexus tablet release date

'Strike while the iron's hot' is what the general consensus is with technology launches of late, and Google is the latest adopters of this approach. See also: Microsoft Surface Tablet release date and specs.

Google has announced the Nexus 7 is already available for pre-order, and those who order the tablet soon can expect to have their tablets shipped by mid-July.

As an incentive to pre-order your tablet, Google is offering £15 of free credit to spend at the Google Play Store as well as free media such as the film 'Transformers: Dark side of the moon.

Nexus tablet specs 

A few days before the unveiling of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, we reported on a leak of the tablet's specs. We're a little bit smug in saying that the leaks specs we brought to you were largely spot on.

So without any further delay, here are the Google Nexus 7 tablet's confirmed specs.

Nexus tablet operating system

Nexus tablet OS Jellybean As widely predicted Google launched its brand new Android operating system 4.1 Jelly Bean along side the Nexus 7 tablet, with the Nexus 7 coming pre-loaded with the new OS. See Android Jelly Bean release date, features, rumour round-up for more information.

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The new OS is not a complete rethink of how Android works, it's more like a thorough polishing job of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. For more information about the features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean go to Google announces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Asus will build the Google Nexus Tablet

One of the more strange aspects about the Nexus 7 tablet is that is is going to be built by Asus. We reported on this when we got wind of the leaked specs, however the move still seems slightly odd as Google recently completed its acquisition of smartphone and tablet maker Motorola Mobility. Visit Google closes Motorola Mobility acquisition.

Nexus tablet will have 7in screen and Tegra 3 processor

Nexus tablet Tegra 3 processor As also predicted, the Nexus 7 will have a 7in IPS screen with a resolution of 800 x 1280. The sizing of the tablet places it at the smaller end of the market and distances itself further from the tablet heavyweights like the iPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the soon to be launched Microsoft Surface RT. The tablet will be powered by the nVidia Tegra 3 processor and has a 12-core GPU.

Full Google Nexus 7 Specs

Screen size: 7in

Screen Resolution: 800 x 1280 IPS

Storage: 8GB and 16GB


Processor: nVidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor

Connectivity: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microUSB port

Camera: 1.2Mp front facing camera

Size: 10.5mm

Weight: 340g

Google Nexus tablet price

Perhaps one of the most appealing attributes of the Google Nexus 7 tablet is its price. It costs just £159 for the 8GB model and £199 for the 16GB. As mentioned above, on UK shores this places it in direct competition with the BlackBerry Playbook, but one would imagine that the lure of Android's vast app and media store, Google Play, would be enough to convince the majority of potential buyers that the Nexus 7 is a better choice.