Evleaks retired

Evan Blass has announced that he will no longer leak unannounced devices via the hugely popular @evleaks Twitter account.

After two years of prolific leaking of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, evleaks is no more. Blass, who previously worked for Engadget in the US made the announcement on Twitter yesterday. See also: Nexus 6 release date, specs and features: Motorola-made phone touted for November.

The account was started in 2012 for the purpose of leaking devices from tech firms round the world including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and many more. Evleaks was anonymous until Blass revealed his identity in October last year.

Evleaks has been references by countless tech publications including PC Advisor and has 187,000 followers. If you're wondering why Blass has called it quits, here's what he said to The Next Web on the subject.

"These matters are always somewhat complicated, but like many things, it mostly comes down to money. Trying to monetize a stream of Twitter leaks is not easy. First I tried monthly sponsorships. Then weekly. Then single sponsored tweets. I took donations — felt like online panhandling." said Blass.

He also started a website which did reasonably well but most users had no real reason to click through since all leaks went out on Twitter, and those who did tended to be tech-savvy users with ad-block systems in place.

Blass added: "It all adds up to an unsustainable living, and with a progressively worsening disease [Blass was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis], I need to make sure I can prepare myself better for the future, financially."

His favourite leak was the HTC M8 Prime with its 3D rotating render and revealed his success was down to 'good sources and good colleagues'. The evleaks account will remain online as a personal account, Blass confirmed.