Dell this week announced the Venue 11 Pro, a 10in touchscreen tablet that in many ways doubles as a powerful Windows 8 laptop. In this video Dell's Adam Griffin shows PC Advisor around the Dell Venue 11 Pro, showing off the design and key features. See all Windows tablet reviews.

The Venue 11 Pro is an intriguing prospect, and depending on UK pricing it could well rival the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as a genuinely portable power PC running Windows 8. It should certainly be a performer: a fourth-generation Intel Haswell processor up to Core i5 vPro is included inside, with up to 8GB of RAM. When we had a hands-on test we noticed no signs of lag. We can't wait to get the Venue 11 Pro into our lab. And on the road, because key to a product like this is battery life.

Dell says users can expect up to 10 hours battery life. This matches the new Surface 2, but a claim is just a claim. In both cases we'll have to see if this is true or not when we get a review unit.

In this video Dell's Griffin shows off the Venue 11 Pro's 10.8in IPS touchscreen with its Full HD 1080p resolution. When we saw the screen we found it to be of decent quality and with good viewing angles.

Storage options include a 256GB hard drive with a Micro SD card slot for expansion. For connectivity you get NFC, USB and HDMI, as well as Wi-Fi.

As well as a handy replaceable battery, the Venue 11 Pro will have a range of accessories. These include a desktop docking station with HDMI and DisplayPort connections, a keyboard dock much like Asus' Transformer range with its own battery (above) and a slim keyboard similar to Microsoft's Touch Cover.

Windows 8.1 will come pre-loaded on the tablet with Dell Enterprise Services. Optional hardware security comes in the form of a fingerprint scanner and smart card reader.

Take a look at Dell showing off the Dell Venue 11 Pro and let us know what you think before we get this interesting device into test. See our full Dell Venue 11 Pro review  for more.