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Asda can't sit by and watch the likes of Tesco and Aldi make money out of the tablet boom so will make its own device.

The supermarket has confirmed that it is 'looking into' its own tablet, but it's not going to launch in time for Christmas. Tablets are the must-have gadget this winter but Asda will not rush a device to market that doesn't satisfy the needs of its customers.

Ayaz Alam, category director for electronics at Asda, said: "[Our own tablet] is something that we’re looking at. We want to make sure that if we did anything like that we are in a position to satisfy customers with exactly what they want."

"The competition has felt the need to go and invest quickly in their own-label tablets and some have done horrendously badly. We are not about to make the same mistake. We will make sure we launch with great quality and great value," he added.

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It's possible that Asda will produce a tablet under its own Polaroid brand which is currently uses to sell gadgets like DAB radios.

Tesco has seen success with its Hudl tablet which has sold more than 300,000 units since launching – much more than the firm expected. Aldi launched its LifeTab for £79 on Sunday which sold out within 24 hours. However, the budget supermarket announced there was limited supply in the first place.

The Hudl has been so much of a success that the Hudl 2 is already being talked about. Tesco said a new 'enhanced' model will arrive next year.

The supermarkets are doing well by undercutting the big name players in the market such as Google, Samsung and Apple, with high-end devices costing around £400.

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