To celebrate the UK launch of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet-cum-laptop, we visited London's National Portrait Gallery with artist James Mylne, who is best known for his work in creating portraits of celebrities and famous figures using ballpoint pen. Also see: Best tablets 2014

Using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Mylne recreated three famous artworks in digital form, and talked us through his experiences with Microsoft's hybrid device. 

With a large 12in, high-resolution (2160x1440) screen and proper laptop performance from the Intel Core chip inside, the Surface Pro 3 is powerful enough to run even intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop. 

The Surface Pro 3 is also supplied with the Surface Pen, a pressure-sensitive stylus that lets you draw, write and get creative. Also see: New features in the Surface Pro 3.  

"For real professional, high-end digital designers and artworkers, going in with that high-res screen is going to be a real break for them. They're going to love [the Surface Pro 3]," said Mylne. 

Mylne particularly appreciated the Surface Pro 3's ability to zoom in, and its undo button. 

"I think the best bit about it, which I happened to come across on the train when I was doing a bit of finishing up on the drawings, and also messing around with some videos I downloaded, was the ability to slide across and split the screen. I was working on one side, and on the other I had a video of David Hockney talking about using Photoshop back in the day. 

"You can't keep doing your same daily routine, you do have to mix it up and accept new challenges and see what's out there. I'm glad I took on this project," said Mylne. 

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