Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet

Amazon will be launching new versions of its Kindle Fire tablet range later this year.

'Trusted sources' have said that Amazon plans to release 'at least' three new Kindle Fire tablets in time for Christmas this year, according to BGR. Amazon wants to have another crack at gaining some of the tablet market share, taking aim at Apple's iPads, Google Nexus tablets and Barnes & Noble's Nook range.

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The first new Kindle Fire will be a replacement for the original tablet which sells for £129 and will get a screen upgrade to 1920x1200 compared to 1024x600. It will still be a 7in tablet, though.

That resolution matches the current Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the new version of the Kindle Fire HD will supposedly get the same treatment. It's unclear what will differentiate the two new tablets from each other. See also: Best tablet deal: NOOK HD+ tablet available for just £149, NOOK HD for £99.

Furthermore, the 2013 model of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 will get bumped to a whopping 2560x1600, outpacing even the iPad 4 on pixel count – it's resolution is 2048x1536.

Design-wise, the new Kindle Fire range will use a more 'angular' casing with a "flat slope out to the edges instead of a curved slope, and corners that aren’t as rounded". The source described it as 'chiselled'. The buttons will be positioned on the sloped part rather than the back to avoid accidental presses. The tablets will also be lighter than the current generation.

This information can be classed as rumour for now but it doesn't seem farfetched. We'll keep our ears to the ground for any more information on the new Kindle Fire tablets.

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