Virgin Media Cloud storage

Broadband provider, Virgin Media has announced its own online storage service called Virgin Media Cloud.

Virgin Media has teamed up with security firm, F-Secure, to develop the new service. It's available now and adds to the busy market which includes Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive and many more. See also: The Top 20 cloud storage services.

Up to ten people in a Virgin Media broadband household can have their own account, each with 5GB of free storage capacity - so that's 50GB for nothing.

"We want to keep our customers, and their content, safe online so we’re giving our broadband customers an easy way to store and share content instantly from any device, wherever they are. So we’ve launched a new online storage service today that enables them to do just that." Virgin Media said in a blog post.

Users can gain up to 500GB of storage on Virgin Media Cloud, if they are happy to pay £26.99 per month. Other tiers are available at £3.99, £5.99 and £13.99 per month for 50GB, 100GB and 250GB respectively.

Virgin Media Cloud means users can store up to 125,000 songs, 700 SD movies or 500,000 photos online. Users can download a Virgin Media Cloud app for free for PC, Mac, iOS and Android with Windows Phone coming soon. See also: How to choose a cloud storage service.

"The intuitive interface makes it easy to store, back up and access files safely from any location." said the firm.

Features include the ability to back up content from an unlimited amount of devices and the option to share files via email, Facebook and Twitter. There's also the option to synchronise files across devices.