Cloud storage is all the rage at the moment with a seemingly dizzying array of choices and options available. Cloud storage is simply a fancy name for storing your files online. However, there are some fantastic advantages over saving your files locally to just your PC.

Most obvious is that wherever there is a PC and internet connection you can get to your documents. No matter when and where you are in the world you always have access to your files and folders.

SkyDrive from Microsoft is one such cloud-based storage service, it has other added benefits to the standard options. You can use SkyDrive to easily share large files with anyone simply by sending them a link to the file or folder. You can even use SkyDrive to work on Microsoft Office documents simultaneously with others.

What’s really great about the SkyDrive service is that it can be mapped as a network drive and made to work just like any other folder in Windows Explorer. Even better, as soon as you copy anything to your SkyDrive folder and it’s uploaded, the file becomes available in all your other SkyDrive locations. So, if you copy a file across on your office PC it’s available on the family laptop almost instantaneously.

SkyDrive offers you a decent 7GB of space with which to store your documents. There’s even a version of Skydrive for smartphones so you really can get access to the disk space no matter what device you might be using.

If you find that the 7GB free option isn’t enough space for your needs you can easily upgrade the space. There are charges for the extra capacity, but they are excellent value for money. You can switch to a 20GB, 50GB or 100GB plan for £6, £16 or £32 a year.

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