Despite Microsoft's desires and best efforts, screenshots of Microsoft Windows 7, M3 Build 6780, just keep on popping up on the internet.

Windows 7 is the working title for Microsoft's follow up to Windows Vista. After the perceived hype that built up to Vista's launch Microsoft has said that it will try to limit exposure of the upcoming operating system before it is good and ready.

(This is based on the not unreasonable opinion held by some at Microsoft that much of the flak it gets over Vista is because the company failed to manage expectations. Only those with short memories 'remember' that XP was a success right of the box. Followers of football may understand this as the Newcastle/Keegan effect.)

But although Microsoft started the Milestone 3 release of Windows 7 builds just 10 days ago, several images have already appeared online.

Such sieve-like leakiness is in marked contrast to the relative secrecy Microsoft managed to maintain around Milestone builds 1 and 2. If we're not careful, we'll all get too excited, and not be able to properly enjoy Windows 7.

So what exciting secrets does the web have to show us that will whet our appetites, build up our expectation and then leave us pining for Vista? WordPad. That's right. Word. Pad.

Take a web walk over to UX Evangelist, and you can see WordPad, as reborn in Windows 7. It has the contextual ribbon interface that Word 2007 users either love or hate. If you hate it: (a), you're wrong and (b) you're going to have to get used to it. If WordPad has ribbons, you can bet that more complex features will too.

ThinkNext also has what it claims are Windows 7 WordPad shots, as well as such delights as an updated Start menu, the Calculator and various shots of general Windows navigation features... only, in the future. Also, run for your lives but if that isn't User Account Control in Windows 7. Shudder. There's no escape.

So feast your eyes and anticipate the next update in the interminable Windows story. But don't blame us when you end up disappointed.

Windows 7 WordPad

WordPad of the future...

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