If you're looking to kit out your iPad with the best apps, but don't know where to start, fear not. Here is our current top ten iPad apps.

The iPad pretty much hit the ground running. It was launched off the back of the astronomical success of the iPhone and was subsequently lusted after by Apple and technology fans from all over the world. Visit iPad 4 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

Naturally the huge app culture that the iPhone had built up for Apple was swiftly adopted by iPad and because of which there are come fantastic apps to be had. Check out our Best iPad Apps page for more.

Here's PC Advisor's top ten best iPad apps:

top ten iPad apps: Sky go Sky Go

If you already have a sky subscription this app will cost you not a penny extra and bring your favourite TV - from live sports, entertainment and movies to hundreds of top on-demand films - all directly to your iPad. Read the full review here.

top ten iPad apps: Draw Something Draw Something - £0.69

Like Angry Birds before it, Draw Something is a gaming phenomenon. Launched just a few weeks ago, the Pictionary-like game is already being played by just about everyone with an iPad. Read the full review here.

top ten iPad apps: facebook Facebook

Combining the mobile perks of the iPhone app with the scope and ease of use of the desktop service, Facebook’s iPad app is a truly happy medium. See the full review here.

top ten iPad apps: twitter Twitter

It's as if Twitter was designed for the iPad. This app sits perfectly on this 9.7inch screen, lets you read, compose and retweet the hours away with ease.

top ten iPad apps: iBooks iBooks

If you've got an iPad then using the free iBooks app is something of a no-brainer, its fantastic, vast store makes it easy to browse and add books plus there are over 30,000 free books to chose from, including PC Advisor's own iPad magazine.

top ten iPad apps: Zinio Zinio

Turn your iPad into the world's biggest newsagents by downloading this single app. It's got literally thousands of titles, that can all be downloaded instantly at the touch of a screen (again, PC Advisor is there).

top ten iPad apps: Angry Birds Angry Birds HD for iPad - £2.99 While the gameplay on the iPad is identical to the iPhone version, the larger screen has several benefits. Animations are clearer, aiming is easier and zooming in and out is now a piece of cake. Well worth downloading again if you already have the iPhone version. Read our full review here.

top ten iPad apps: BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer for the iPad

Watch live TV and listen to the radio with this great free app. You can even stream catch up episodes of your favourite shows, all within this one app.

top ten iPad apps: Skype Skype

Skype for iPad lets you make free VoIP calls and text-chat with your Skype contacts using Wi-Fi or 3G. Video chat was recently added to the service too. Bit of a no-brainer if you ask us! Read the full review here.

top ten iPad apps: Dropbox Dropbox

Tired of e-mailing pictures and videos to all of your different devices? Then it's time to get this free cloud-based storage service. Simply copy and paste any file you want to transfer into Dropbox and then let this app do the hard work. Once the upload is completed, you can download a files multiple times from multiple devices. You get 2GB of storage completely free too.

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