There are so many products on the market that IT admins need to know about. So with this in mind, we've rounded up 20 quick Windows 7 tips that will make life easier for IT admins, ensuring they can use their time more efficiently.

1. Taskbar icons have keyboard shortcuts

To open these applications through shortcut keys, simply hold down the Windows key and press the number on the keyboard that corresponds with the icon, working from the Start 'orb' button to the right. For example, if Internet Explorer is the first icon, press Windows-1 to open IE.

2. You can move items on the taskbar

I know it feels like this was already possible in Windows XP and Vista, but this actually is a new Windows 7 feature.

3. Paint and WordPad use the new ribbon interface

In addition, Paint has new brushes, and both applications have new Save As options. However, you still can't open more than one document or picture at a time.

4. There is a great new tool for supporting family members and friends from afar

Click the Start button and type 'psr' to open the Problem Steps Recorder. This tool can capture step by step (even take screenshots) what a person is doing. When they stop the recording, the session is bundled as an MHTML file and compressed for easy emailing back to support, which in most cases is you. (An MHTML file is an IE-only HTML variant.)

5. You can have more than one clock on your notification area

For those of us who work with people in other time zones, you can display clocks for each of those regions. Click the clock in the notification area and choose Change Date and Time Settings. Select the Additional Clocks tab to display as many as two other clocks and to set their time zones. (This feature actually came with Vista, but few people know about it.)

6. There's a fast way to run a program using administrator privileges

To open an application with administrator permissions, you usually locate it through the Start menu, right-click the application, and choose Run as Administrator from the contextual menu. However, you can also simply type the name in the Instant Search bar at the base of the Start menu and press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

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