Whether your'e surfing the web from home or working on the go, you probably spend a lot of time using a Wi-Fi network as opposed to a wired net connection. Here's five free tools that will make connecting to wireless network easy, as well as helping you solve any potential problems.

Easy WiFi 3.0.129

Wi-fi hotspots can be expensive - but there are free alternatives. And Easy WiFi will help you find and connect to them, often in just a single click. It works like this.

Easy WiFi has many users, all regularly out and about. When they discover a free wireless hotspot, it's reported back to the Easy WiFi servers. And once they have sufficient information about the location of the hotspot, its connection quality and login process, it'll be added to the Easy WiFi network, which currently has more than 200,000 locations worldwide.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 1.2

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a free tool that can be used to search for wireless networks that are nearby. When you are away from home, this provides a handy way to track down the nearest connection by tracking signal strength. At home, the signal strength monitor can also be used to test your own wireless network, checking its range and testing for blackspots.

Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone 2.0

As the name would suggest, Wi-Fi Finder, is a free app makes it easy to find your nearest hotspot using your iPhone's built in GPS facility. With a directory comprising more than 280,000 hotspots in 140 countries, wherever you may be, the app should be able to find you a faster connection for free.

Wireless Network Watcher 1.0.0

Wireless Network Watcher is a compact new NirSoft tool which can scan your wireless network, and report on everything that's currently connected.

For every device and computer it uncovers, Wireless Network Watcher will list its IP address, device name, MAC address, network adapter, and (sometimes) an additional description that may tell you what the device actually is ('Your Router', say).

WeFi 4.0.1

WeFi is a free tool that can be used to track down the best possible connection to help ensure a stable internet connection wherever you may be.

The program will automatically scan for available wireless connections and determine which is the best before establishing a connection for you. This in itself may not seem particular special, but there is a strong community focus to WeFi. Whenever you use the program to detect a wireless connection, when you have connected to the best one available, this information is added to a wifi map so future connections by someone in the same location will be faster.