Whether you want to keep an eye on how the RAM in your PC is being used ane enhance the way in which your memory is being used, there are plenty of free downloads on the web. Here's five of our favourites.

CleanMem v2.1.1 Free

When it comes to PCs, it's difficult to have too much memory installed. But if you are using an older system, it is possible that you only have a small amount of RAM, and to compensate for this Windows has to make use of a section of hard drive known as the page file to act as virtual memory. While this enables your computer to keep running when you run low on memory, it is far slower than using actual memory, and can cause severe system slow down.

CleanMem helps to ensure that you always have as much memory free as possible by enhancing the way in which Windows manages memory usage. Although the program has not been designed to speed up your computer, it does help to eliminate memory bottlenecks, leaving you with a smoother running system.

VMMap 3.03

VMMap is a powerful developer-oriented tool that will show you precisely how a particular process is using RAM.

The program goes into great detail. You don't just get basics like 'working set' and 'private working set', for instance: there are also details on committed memory, shareable, shared and locked working set, and the number of memory blocks used by each process.

MemTest 4.0

MemTest is a tiny tool that will test your RAM to confirm that it's working properly.

The program really couldn't be any easier to use. After closing down as many applications as possible (to free up their RAM), you should launch MemTest, click "Start Testing", and - that's it. Go away, leave the program, then come back later and check the displayed "Errors" figure: if it's zero, you're fine, if it's found something, you're not.

CPU-Z 1.55 (64-bit)

CPU-Z is a free utility that provides useful information on many aspects of your PCs hardware.

If you've just bought a new system, for instance, then CPU-Z can help you check that you've got exactly what you're expecting. Just click the appropriate tab and it'll display the CPU type and speed, motherboard, RAM amount and speed, graphics card model, and more.

RAMMon 1.0 (32-bit)

RAMMon is a handy tool that will tell you everything you need to know about your PC's RAM.

The program will instantly tell you how much you have installed and in which configuration: for example, 3 x 1GB DIMMs, 2 x 2GB DIMMS, whatever it might be.