Wi-Fi hotspot provider The Cloud has unveiled an app that allows Apple iPhone users on O2 to locate and connect to one of its 22,000 hotspots for free when in range.

FastConnect also gives iPhone owners a searchable list of all The Cloud's Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK and Europe, as well as links to Google Maps, so they can obtain directions to these hotspots.

The Cloud said the app, which is also available for other devices including iPads and laptops, will automatically update the list of hotspots as new locations are added.

"I do not believe for one second that people are bothered about how they connect to the internet - they just want a fast and easy, hassle free connection, ideally across all their mobile devices, whether an iPod Touch, an iPad, their PC or laptop," said Steve Nicholson, CEO of The Cloud .

"The FastConnect software takes into consideration the needs of the modern consumer and packages up a solution into one simple application that is completely free."

FastConnect can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store now.

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