PC Advisor presents the best games for Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone, and recommends the best web-based games for your desktop or laptop PC.

The clever Angry Birds game combines simple physics with sheer luck as you transport ticked-off birds to a pig fortress via slingshot to retrieve stolen eggs. • 59p
King of the casual games Bejeweled can be played online or on your smartphone. Compelling in a similar way to Tetris, it involves linking and destroying jewels of the same colour. Simple, but addictive. • Free

In the highly addictive Doodle Jump, you use your phone’s accelerometer to guide ‘Doodle the Doodler’ up a sheet of graph paper while dodging black holes and blasting enemies. If you miss old Nintendo games, you’ll love Doodle Jump. • 59p
In the bizarre but fun I Love Katamari, you’re a pint-size alien prince who has been ordered by the King of All Cosmos to collect objects by rolling a highly adhesive Katamari ball. You use the phone’s accelerometer to control the Katamari. • Free/£2.99 mobile

Peggle is another casual gaming favourite that’s transitioned from Windows to become a firm favourite on gaming consoles, iPhone and other handsets. Clear orange pegs to progress through intriguing and sometimes magical levels. • Free; 59p mobile

The Plants vs Zombies strategy game has you defending your home from zombie invasion with an arsenal of deadly flora. Cute animation, witty humour and addictive gameplay make this title one of the best paid-for games in the App Store. • £1.79

The iPad is pretty much the perfect device on which to play Scrabble. The official Scrabble for iPad app even helpfully rotates when you tilt the screen towards you and since it’s digital, you won’t find tiles falling off as you pass the board around. Less impressive but still fun versions for iPhone, BlackBerry and so on are also available. • £1.79
Android users will love Toddler Lock. It can turn your phone into a toy that keeps your little one quiet for hours. A single screen displays colourful shapes when your toddler touches it. Soothing sounds play in the background. • Free

You can actually play the Scrabble-like Words With Friends against friends or strangers. The game cleverly uses push notifications to tell you to take your turn, and you can invite pals to play via social networks. • Free

Nokia has come up with a great little racing game designed to showcase the strength of its OVI Maps. Unimaginatively titled OVI Maps Racing, the free app is the first location-based application for the Symbian smartphone platform and offers players the chance to race around their own neighbourhood as well as possibly more glamorous locales. You can create circuits for you and others to play in and compete on a personalised leaderboard. • Free for a limited time

No games section would be complete without a mention of Guitar Hero. A must-have for air guitarists everywhere, the app translates surprisingly well to small screens on iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Nokia. Just the thing for when it’s time to rock! • £6.99

If you’re more of a gaming traditionalist, get ready to wreak some Wrath. BlackBerry fans get to set their sights on aliens and extraterrestrial craft in an arcade-style space shooter. • $2.99


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