One of Spain's large water companies, Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona (CAT), will become the first water utility in mainland Europe to implement New Zealand-headquartered Derceto's Aquadapt operations optimisation software.

Derceto's CEO, Wayne Spittal, says that following a competitive tender process CAT has awarded a contract to Derceto's local implementation partner Adasa, a specialist water utility systems integration and services companies in Spain.

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Aquadapt is a software solution that operates in conjunction with existing control systems to minimize water distribution costs and maximize operational efficiency. Operating in real time, the software will respond to changing conditions, like the real time electricity prices which apply in Spain, to derive the most energy and cost-efficient schedule of operations. It will control all pumps and valves automatically.

CAT's water distribution system was analysed by Adasa and Derceto and determined as being ideal for an Aquadapt implementation.

Based on implementations at water utilities in other countries, Derceto expects CAT to rapidly recover costs of the Aquadapt software and implementation, with €500,000 annual savings projected. The recovery will come primarily from lower electricity costs. Aquadapt is also expected to achieve pump energy efficiency gains which will lead to a reduction in CAT's greenhouse gas footprint.

Configuration of the software will take nine months, with on-site installation and operation expected to start in September 2014.

Aquadapt's customized design operates within defined operational constraints such as minimum storage levels, treatment plant production capacities and water turnover requirements; safely delivering water while lowering costs.