The Sky Go app that allows subscribers to the satellite TV service to watch live broadcasts from their mobile phone or tablet PC now includes access to Sky Movies.

Until now the app for Apple's iPhone and iPad only allowed users to live broadcasts on their iOS device. However, not only can Sky Go app watch live broadcasts from Sky Movie channels, they can also watch the films on demand.

At present, Sky Go users can only watch movies on demand when using a Wi-Fi connection, although the broadcaster did say 3G capabilities will be introduced by “the end of the year”.

"Sky Movies on demand is a great addition to Sky Go and gives customers complete control over how, when and now where they enjoy the latest movies,” said Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies.

Sky said since the app was launched in July this year, it now has almost two million users. Furthermore, 30 million pieces of content have been viewed in the last month on 2.5 million devices.

Despite the app’s popularity, the broadcaster has yet to release a version for devices running Google’s Android operating system. However, Sky said this would be launched in “the coming months”.

The broadcaster also recently launched a dedicated Sky Movies App for iPhone and iPad, that allows users to view the listings for Sky Movies and Sky Movies Box Office, as well as creating personalised lists of films you want to watch and remotely set up recordings through the app.