Music recognition service Shazam is expanding its free and paid-for apps for Apple iPhones and devices running Google Android with its LyricPlay feature.

LyricPlay, which was first made available in the Shazam Encore and Shazam Red apps for iOS devices, allows users to see the lyrics to a track they have identified scroll, jump, pop or slide across the screen of their device in real-time while the music is being played. Users simply tap the LyricPlay icon to launch the function. The technology used in the feature came from the service's first-ever acquisition, a company called Tunezee, which took place earlier this year.

"Since the launch of LyricPlay in June for people with our premium apps on iOS, we've seen them embrace this innovative feature as an entertaining way to interact with the songs they love. Given its popularity, we wanted all people with iOS and Android-powered devices to have access to LyricPlay as we deliver a richer music experience," said Shazam's Alex Musil.

Shazam is an app that allows users to hold their handset up to music playing. Once Shazam has identified the song, the track name and artist information - known as a 'tag' - it is sent straight to the user's phone, and in some case, the album artwork as well. The app also allows users to listen to 30 second previews of the track on the device or the full song using music-streaming service Spotify.

"No other app offers synchronised lyrics with animation like Shazam does, showing lyrics in a distinctive way as they slide and scroll across the screen giving a magical extended experience to people using our service," said Musil.
Furthermore, Shazam said Android-powered 3D devices will have the option to see the LyricPlay feature in 3D.

Shazam said the feature is available in the new app which is available to download from the iTunes Store and the Android Market now. Those that already have Shazam installed on their device will be able to access LyricPlay once they update their app.

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