Music recognition service Shazam has joined forces with Spotify to ensure users of Shazam's free and paid-for apps can listen to a track they've tagged in full via the Swedish music streaming site.

Shazam is an app that allows users to dial 2580 and wait for the call to connect before holding their handset up to music playing. Once Shazam has identified the song, the track name and artist information - known as a 'tag' - is sent straight to the user's phone, and in some case, the album artwork as well.

However, the partnership will see a 'Play in Spotify' feature added to the apps and will allow users to listen to the track in full immediately. The new feature will be available for the paid-for Shazam Encore and (SHAZAM)RED immediately. Shazam said it plans to integrate features into the free App for Apple's iPhone and Google Android later in the year.

"Integrating Spotify into Shazam's applications combines music discovery with one of the world's most popular music streaming services, providing a seamless experience for music fans at the point of inspiration in any location," says Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam.

"Now if you hear a great new track you can identify it, listen to it instantly in its entirety and easily add it to your music collection. That's pretty powerful stuff," added Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify.

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