European software giant SAP has revealed that it is in talks with the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) about listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

An SAP spokeswoman told Computerworld UK that it is following 'developments in China very closely'.

SAP is currently listed in Germany and in New York.

She said: "The Chinese capital market is one of the fastest growing capital markets in the work. We started a dialogue with CSRC and got an update on the process for a listing in Shanghai."

"We are very interested in a stock exchange listing in China and will consider this more closely as soon as the framework and conditions for a listing of an international company such as SAP are clear."

However, SAP will not be able to list in Shanghai until the CSRC launches its international board, which would allow access for foreign companies. CSRC is currently assessing the implications of this.

SAP said that before it would consider launching in China it needs to be assured that it's IFRS financial statements are accepted in English.

In other SAP news, the head of the BBC's finance intelligence team, Simon Griffiths, challenged the company on its roadmap for BusinessObjects, stating that it is unclear what tools the BI application will incorporate in the future and said that he doesn't want to be constantly investing in upgrades.

"Where the product is going isn't clear. Version BI 4.0 is out there now, but we are on a slightly older version of BusinessObjects. It is continually evolving and you always need to keep up with the game, but organisations that are looking to save cash don't necessarily want to be forking out money all the time," said Griffiths.

"Some clarity in the roadmap and the tool set that they are going to have would be nice. They keep acquiring all these add-ons, which just causes confusion about where the existing tool set is going."