Samsung Galaxy S4

To no-one's surprise Samsung today announced the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new Samsung smartphone will hit the UK on April 26th. Alongside multiple hardware upgrades, Samsung announced a series of new software features that are intended to take the S4 to the top of the smartphone tree. Here are details of the new software for Samsung Galaxy S4. (See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 new features.)

At the centre of all of this is the 'Samsung Hub', a single entry point that opens a door for five discrete Samsung content services, and for which you need only a single login. Note that this a Samsung login - you're not being encourage to buy media and apps from Google Play. Indeed, we can't remember a mention of the word 'Android' during the presentation. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 official images and design.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub is described by Samsung as 'an integrated multimedia content store offering a comprehensive media experience'. Which is nice. In other words, the Samsung Hub offers music, videos, books, games and educational content within a magazine-style display. See Samsung Galaxy S4 specs: confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung Apps

Exactly what it says on the tin. Samsung Apps lets you search through a series of Samsung's own apps and third-party apps designed just for Samsung, as well as offering a back door into Google Play.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung WatchON

Samsung WatchON is described by Samsung as a 'Video Discovery' service. Using it you can find on-demand and live TV broadcasts to watch on your Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as finding content that you can send to a connected Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung ChatON

Samsung ChatON is an instant messaging and video messaging application. It's Samsung's BBM, and alternative to Whatsapp and Viber. According to Samsung 'You can enjoy high quality video and voice chat with up to two friends on a WiFi and mobile network, as well as easily switching from text chat to video/voice chat and vice versa'.

ChatON allows you to take advantage of the S4's Dual Camera feature with which you can take shots simultaneously with the front and back cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Group Play

Finally, Group Play is software that enables users to share photos, music, files and games without needing to be networked.

"These exciting new content services are designed to offer our users the best content usage experience of our industry today. Our focus is on continually innovating across a diverse range of products and services that meet the expectation of users", said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, President and Head of Samsung Media Solution Center.

Samsung Galaxy S4