For some the whole idea of a DVD collection seems anachronistic – why own the physical media when everything’s available to stream? Yet many of us have spent years building up our library, buying rare films, unusual films, classics, much-loved series and favourite blockbusters, not all of which will be available to stream. We don’t want to throw our precious DVDs away, but we are looking for a way to protect our collections. Discs scratch, discs break, and they won’t last forever, so it just makes good sense to back them up. What’s more, we want a way to store our movies on a NAS drive, play them on a media streamer or even play them from our tablet or smartphone.

Ripping them to hard disk is the obvious answer, but actually doing so isn’t as easy as, say, ripping a CD. The media tools built into macOS and Windows 10 don’t include DVD ripping features, and while there are free tools available they’re far from perfect. Most are painfully slow and difficult to use, pushing users through multiple stages when all they want to do is rip. Many just can’t cope with the copy-protection mechanisms on some recent DVDs.

Here’s the Best DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is different. For one thing, it’s easy to use; you can go from inserting your DVD to ripping it in just a few clicks. You can even transcode your file to a format like MP4/H.264 that will playback on an Android smartphone or iPhone as part of the process. (download your free copy here)

For another, it’s fast. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum supports the Intel Quick Sync Video technology built into recent Intel Core processors, not to mention the NVENC hardware acceleration in NVIDIA graphics processors (see why WinX is fast). On top of that, it can harness the full power of four, six and eight-core processors, plus HyperThreading, to rip DVDs at lightning speed. Depending on the speed of your processor and DVD drive you can rip an entire feature-length movie in under five minutes. That makes a big difference when you’re backing up your whole collection.

Best of all, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum doesn’t get tied up by even the toughest of today’s copy-protection techniques. Where other rippers struggle with Disney’s 99-title DVDs, this one takes them in its stride. Ditto the workout and TV series DVDs that flummox other rippers, not to mention the scratched or otherwise unplayable DVDs that even standard DVD players reject. From the most recent Hollywood blockbusters to old, worn discs, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can handle any DVD. All it takes is a few easy steps. And if you don’t have a PC? Don’t worry. The company’s Mac DVD Ripper offers the same set of features to Mac users.

How to Rip DVD using WinX DVD Ripper

Step 1. Download, install and launch the program. Insert the DVD you want to rip into your DVD drive. Click the DVD Disc button in the top-left corner, then select your source DVD from the pull-down menu. Click OK.

Step 2. Now select the output profile. Here we’ve selected a simple DVD backup of the main title feature, but you can also select profiles for playback on a huge range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets or Windows laptops, not to mention more general-purpose formats for PC, Mac or social media. Pick one then click OK.

Step 3. You can now select the title or titles you want to rip and also which sound formats you want in the file, plus any subtitles. On a movie DVD, WinX DVD Ripper will pick the main feature automatically. Click on the sound and subtitle buttons for that title to set the audio output and add subtitles, or just leave these options alone.

Step 4. Finally, go to the right-hand side and select the appropriate hardware acceleration options for your laptop or PC, and whether you want to use the slightly slower (but still very speedy) High Quality and De-interlacing modes for optimal image quality. Click Run, and WinX DVD Ripper goes to work on your DVD, resulting in a file, ready to store and play for years to come.

It’s as easy as that. However, if you need more power, WinX DVD Ripper has got it, including built-in editing features to crop out letterbox borders or trim unwanted titles and credits from your films and TV programmes. You can merge episodes into one longer video and add downloaded subtitles to foreign-language films without having to import your video file into a dedicated video editing package.

Free Download: The Best DVD Ripper

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