Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in a week, and naturally, rumors are swirling on what Apple might announce at next Monday's keynote. One of the more intriguing rumors, however, comes our way from the Financial Times, which reports that Apple will announce a "smart home" platform that will let you control devices and appliances around your home from the comfort of your iPhone.

While you may not be able to ask Siri to prepare your lunch any time soon, the platform, according to the Financial Times, "would turn the iPhone into a remote control for lights, security systems and other household appliances." That would include tasks like locking the front door remotely, having your lights turn on automatically as you enter, or setting your thermostat to 68 degrees, for example.

Apple doesn't comment on rumors, so there's no real way to confirm this report, but considering the direction Apple appears to be headed in, it doesn't seem like a total stretch that the company may be exploring connected home technology.

The company already has some experience in creating technology that lets other devices integrate with iOS--look no further than Apple's AirPlay media streaming technology and CarPlay system (which lets you access certain iOS features from you car's in-dash touchscreen).

In addition, the connected home market is young, its appeal is obvious, and its growth potential is staggering--not unlike the smartphone market circa 2007. We all remember what happened there. And big tech companies already want in: Look no further than Google's purchase of Nest for proof.

In any case, we'll know more in a week.