Stop and think for a minute about how much of your digital life you entrust to your iPhone or iPad. Don’t just think about the stuff you could restore in moments – your music, your apps, your email – but think about all the small stuff; your contacts, your messages, the number you tried calling yesterday, your Safari bookmarks.

Now imagine it’s all gone. Maybe the screen on your iPhone breaks, or it’s locked and you can’t remember the pin code. Maybe it’s been lost or stolen, or you’ve accidentally deleted something that you really shouldn’t have. How are you going to get that precious data back?

If you’re smart, you’re already backing up through iTunes or iCloud, but that might still not be the best way to protect your digital life. The free 5GB of space you get with iCloud isn’t nearly big enough to hold everything, and capacity to cover a 16GB or 32GB device does not come cheap. iTunes Backup, meanwhile, can be a classic case of sledgehammer meets walnut. You might only want a specific photo or a message that came through yesterday. Do you really want to restore your whole phone before you get it?

This is where FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery comes in. It’s an advanced Backup and Recovery application for Windows or OSX that allows you to find and restore a wide range of data, including contacts, messages, call history, calendar, notes, reminders and Safari bookmarks, either from an iTunes or iCloud backup or directly from the device itself.

It doesn’t matter if the screen is smashed or mysteriously blank, or if it’s password protected or inoperable. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your PC, or to your Mac using Mac FonelabThe FoneLab software then scans deep into the onboard storage, exposing all the hidden data. Nor are you expected to work your way through an impenetrable list of files and folders. The intuitive interface makes it easy to drill down and find an individual contact, image or message, complete with thumbnails and previews so that you can make sure you’re getting exactly the right version. Whether you need to look in your Camera Roll, your Photo Library, your message attachments or even your voice memos, FoneLab can help you recover what you need. It even works with some third-party apps, including WhatsApp messages.

If you use iCloud or iTunes Backup – and you really should – then you can recover a lot of data even if you don’t have your device to hand. FoneLab can scan and recover files direct from an iTunes Backup, with full preview for many file types and options to export to your PC, or to your Mac with Mac Fonelab.

Need an SMS message you’ve deleted from your phone? Use FoneLab and you should be able to get it back. With FoneLab 8 you can also sign in to your iCloud backup, then download and restore lost contacts, messages, call history, notes, documents, calendars, reminders and Safari bookmarks. If you want, you can even download your entire iCloud backup to a local disk.

FoneLab works seamlessly and without any risk to your iPad or iPhone, and it’s not the kind of application that requires the skills of a seasoned IT professional to use; the interface gets you to your data is quickly as possible, then makes it easy to find and restore exactly what you need. Maybe if you’re lucky, you won’t ever need to use it, but then again… Imagine smashing your iPhone’s screen on day one of a business trip, or losing a number from your call history just when it matters most. Just when your iPhone or iPad is out for the count, FoneLab might become your new best friend. 

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