Optenet is giving parents the chance to monitor their kids' web browsing activity for free as part of Safer Internet Day (SID).

Web users visiting Optenet's website on Safer Internet Day (Tuesday February 9) will be able to download the company's WebFilter PC tool for free, along with a licence giving them free access to the software for one year.

SID, which is run by Insafe, is an annual event designed to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people.

This year, the organisation is focussing on encouraging children to think before they post their own personal images on the web.

Ana Luisa Rotta from Optenet said: "Young people today have greater access to online content via a variety of mobile devices with which they communicate with their friends.

"Digital pictures can easily be cut, pasted, altered and displayed in a completely different context, leading to embarrassment, or even bullying. Even worse, these images could be intercepted by a predator."

Janice Richardson, project manager for the Insafe Network, added: "Young people must be made aware of the potential consequences of posting images online and understand that their information can be accessed by anyone, from teachers to future employers and, more importantly, predators".

To download the free version of WebFilter PC, simply visit Optenet's website and click on the 'Safer Internet Day' banner.

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