HP is to make the open-source version of the WebOS platform available by September this year.

The official name for the operating system will be Open webOS 1.0. However, for those that can't wait until September, HP has made Enyo, it JavaScript app framework, available in open source.

As well as including Enyo 1.0, which allows current developers of Enyo apps for webOS devices to distribute their apps to other platforms., the Framework also features Enyo 2.0, which HP said "will be the foundation for Enyo going forward".

It expands Enyo's "write once, run anywhere" capability, ensuring developers can create webOS apps that can run of a number of devices including tablet PCs, smartphones and desktop web browser such as Chrome, IE 9, Firefox, and Safari.

HP said while Enyo 1.0 is not intended to be expanded any further, "there is considerable utility for our current developer base in releasing it".

Furthermore, HP said a UI widget set for Enyo 2.0 will be released in the near future along with a new kernel based on the Linux Foundation's standard kernel, making the platform more accessible to hardware manufacturers as well.

Visit HP's dedicated website to download Enyo now

HP first revealed its plans to hand over the WebOS platform to the open source community in a bid to "significantly improve applications and web services for the next generation of devices" in December last year.

HP acquired WebOS from Palm in 2010 for $1.2bn. However, its future looked shaky when the tech giant revealed in August last year its plans to discontinue the HP TouchPad, it's first tablet PC to run the operating system.