Nokia has unveiled a free app that allows mobile phone owners to personalise turn-by-turn navigation with their own voice.

The Own Voice for Ovi Maps app, which is available to download for free from the Ovi Store now, lets you speak and record the 53 required commands, including "you have reached your destination" on your handset.

Users then simply save the voice pack before it is uploaded to the Own Voice website giving other Nokia owners the chance to download your voice for their navigation.

The app also lets users browse new voice packs uploaded to the website and share voice packs via Facebook and Twitter.

"Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our sat nav and being able to record or choose a voice that you love is a great way to make Ovi Maps fun to use," said Rupert Englander, head of services at Nokia.

Nokia announced in January this year it was pre-loading its Ovi Maps service on Nokia smartphones for free.

The latest version of Nokia Ovi Maps features detailed maps for over 180 countries along with turn-by-turn voice guidance for both drivers and walkers across 74 countries in 46 languages.

Own Voice for Ovi Maps is available to download now from the Ovi Store and is compatible with handsets that support the new version of Ovi Maps (3.03) including the Nokia 5800, the Nokia X6 and the Nokia N97 mini.

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