NewTek has announced NewTek LightWave 11, a new version of its professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. LightWave 11 is designed to fit into any studio pipeline seamlessly, with NewTek saying it offering support for Autodesk Geometry Cache and FBX, including pixel-perfect camera matching with Autodesk Maya cameras. It also supports the Unity game engine and Pixologic GoZ ZBrush workflow.

LightWave 11 features the Virtual Preview Renderer (VPR) for onscreen real-time rendering, anaglyph stereoscopic preview for real-time interocular, 'red-blue' anaglyphic separations, and more.

Instancing allows users to duplicate a vast number of objects in a scene with very little memory overhead. Users can create huge polygon groups with great detail while retaining reasonable rendering times -- and can scale, position, rotate, and surface randomly cloned objects for realistic detail.

Flocking enables the creation of realistic motion of grouped objects such as such as birds, fish, insects, animals, aircraft, spaceships, and more, using a new motion modifier. LightWave calculates crowd avoidance of neighbouring objects, target alignment, and cohesive attractions with the motion modifier.

Modellers can pre-fracture objects that are ready for destruction with a new Modeler tool that is designed to complement Bullet Dynamics in Layout. Users can animate explosions with or without using dynamics, and control the density of fractures by applying weight maps to objects. They can also collapse buildings, create explosions, or quickly place objects in a natural-looking random pattern

In LightWave 11, you can import and export model and texture data to Pixologic ZBrush software with GoZ technology.

LightWave 11 also offers support for new controller types, including the Sony PlayStation Move, allow users to easily control and record the item results with a LightWave channel. Additional features include powerful new render buffer capabilities, robust Python scripting functionality, FiberFX enhancements, user interface improvements, and more.

NewTek LightWave 11 is expected to ship Q4 2011 for a suggested retail price of US$1,495 (£940). Upgrade pricing from earlier versions of LightWave will be $695 (£470).