Imagineer Systems has released new versions of its tracking software mocha Pro and mocha AE at the NAB 2012 show in Las Vegas.

New rotoscoping tools include Transform and Join Layers, which are designed to help users create and edit roto masks more efficiently. Users can view, organize, color code and group mocha layers - and easily merge and share projects between artists for large scale roto and vfx pipelines.

The advanced Planar Tracker now includes 3D Camera Solver for After Effects and FBX formats (for use in tools such as Nuke, Maya, and Cinema 4D).

Mocha has gained a dopesheet, a keyframe layout for adjusting timing and animation;

Mocha AE is available in two version: mocha AE CS6, which comes as a free bundle with every copy of the newly launched Adobe After Effects CS6 and is specifically optimized for After Effects; and the mocha AE v3 standalone application, which adds new Camera Solve features and additional support for Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion and Boris FX and is available for purchase directly from Imagineer Systems. mocha AE v3 also is backward compatible with older version of Adobe's Creative Suite.

Mocha Pro offers advanced roto, motion tracking, lens analysis, object removal, insert compositing, stabilization and 3D camera solve features into a single desktop application. mocha Pro integrates seamlessly with industry-popular editing, compositing, and animation applications and is the ideal post production companion software for managing challenging shots and projects.

Mocha Pro v3 costs US$1,495.00 (around £945), though if you own Adobe Creative Suite 4 or later, you can get it for $795 (£500). Upgrades start at $495 (£312).

Mocha AE v3 costs $295 (around £185), $195 (£123) if you have any of the versions bundled with After Effects, or $95 (£60) as an upgrade from v2.5.