Mountain Lion was certainly popular with the reviewers (our own Jason Snell included). But its the masses that matter when it comes to OS X, and, according to a press release from Apple, the masses were quite enamored of the release, downloading more than 3 million copies in the first four days.

Last year, Lion racked up 1 million downloads in a single day, but it took the previous version of OS X the entirety of Apples fourth quarter to hit 4 million; in contrast, Mountain Lion looks set to do that within the month, assuming its downloads stay at this level. Apple described the release as the most successful in the companys history.

Price may have helped, in part: Mountain Lion is $10 cheaper than its predecessor; additionally, consumers can upgrade directly from Snow Leopard, letting those who werent so thrilled with Lion make a jump to OS X 10.8 without paying for the intermediary step.

Mountain Lion also brings OS X more in sync with iOS, expanding iClouds connectivity, adding other features from the popular mobile OS, and bringing new apps and services to Apples desktop platform.

If you werent one of the first 3 million downloads, you can see what all the fuss is about by reading our coverage of Mountain Lion and visiting Mountain Lions page on the Mac App Store.