Mobile phone owners that surf the web prefer to use a browser compared to an app to surf content, says Orange.

According to the mobile network's 'Mobile exposure 2010' survey, which was conducted by TNS, 70 percent of Brits that access the web from their phone use a browser, while the remaining 30 percent rely on apps.

Furthermore, 58 percent want to access the same things from their mobile phone as their PC and 16 percent say they read fewer magazines as a result of mobile media, while 14 percent claim they read fewer newspapers.

Two in five said they quickly check information from their mobile phone, and then further investigate the same information when they are back at their PC and 92 percent said it was important the sites they access on their mobile phone are brands they know and trust.

Nearly three quarters (74 percent) said they access the web from their handset when out and about and 59 percent use their mobile to search the internet via a browser when at home.

Orange said 56 percent rated the quality of navigation as their favourite thing about browsing the mobile web, while its time-saving abaility came second with 51 percent and over a quarter (26 percent) like the fact it offer quick access to the web.

"In the UK, where the mobile internet is more established, there are more optimised sites for phones and the experience is better, encouraging higher browser usage," said Paul Francois Fournier from Orange.

"Brands and media companies have a clear opportunity to use mobile to further engage with consumers as part of a holistic media mix, whether it is a capturing conversation around a TV show or a retail brand integrating the mobile and online shopping experience with location-based capabilities."

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