A company that makes touch sensors for interacting with computer applications and games has agreed to pay Microsoft more than $20m to settle a patent suit.

Microsoft sued Immersion in June 2007 to collect part of the patent-settlement fees Sony agreed to pay Immersion in another case.

Microsoft claimed that it deserved some of Sony's patent settlement to Immersion because of a previous deal in which Microsoft became a sublicensor of certain patents Immersion held. The patents in question were part of the Sony settlement.

Steve Aeschbacher, associate general counsel at Microsoft, confirmed a $20.75m payout from Immersion and said Microsoft was pleased to have reached a resolution to the dispute.

Immersion CEO and president Clent Richardson echoed that sentiment in a press statement on Tuesday, saying he was pleased to "put this litigation behind us".

On Wednesday, a representative from Immersion's public relations firm said Immersion also becomes a member of Microsoft's Certified Partner Program as part of the settlement.