Microsoft developers will get their first peak at the company's next desktop operating system (OS) in October, with executives planning to give partners an in-depth look at Windows 7 at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

The software giant has revealed little about Windows 7 so far, admitting previously that it has changed its policy on previewing next-generation versions of Windows following last year's launch of Windows Vista. Vista was delayed several times, and many features Microsoft promised to include in the OS where stripped from the final release.

However, attendees at PDC, and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) scheduled for November, have been promised "in-depth technical information about Windows 7".

Microsoft made the announcement on the new Engineering Windows 7 company blog. Two Windows 7 senior engineering team leaders - Steven Sinofsky and Jon DeVaan - said in the post that the blog would provide regularly updated and behind-the-scenes news on Windows 7 right up until it launches.
Windows 7 is expected to hit the market at the beginning of 2010, three years after the consumer release of Vista.

Although Microsoft has revealed little about Windows 7 so far, the company has demonstrated one new feature - a multitouch interface designed to improve user interaction with Windows-based applications.

In a demo to the Wall Street Journal's D: All Things Digital conference in May, Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows experience program management, showed a number of applications that could use the multitouch technology, including photography apps that enable a user to handle photos on the screen more easily. The user could drag and drop snaps, zoom in, and rotate snaps with his fingers. The musically inclined could play with their fingers on an on-screen piano keyboard.

Microsoft is scheduled to hold PDC from October 26-29, while WinHEC is scheduled for November 5-7. Both are to be held in Los Angeles.

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