Microsoft has denied reports that it is logging calls from customers who requested that the company extend the retail availability of Windows XP, and has pleaded with users not to dial its technical support numbers to ask for an XP extension.

Last week, posted a notice titled 'Microsoft Taking Official Petitions to Keep XP Alive' that claimed Microsoft has been tallying calls made to the support lines.

"Word has been passed down to the tech support teams (and then on to Neowin) that they are to begin logging any calls that come in for the sole purpose of requesting an extension to the retail life of Windows XP," said the notice. "The calls will be logged and, if enough complaints are filed, Microsoft will consider giving XP some more time."

Neowin also listed the toll-free telephone numbers for Microsoft's XP and Vista technical support desks in the UK., the US and Canada.

Microsoft has set June 30 as the date when it will stop providing large computer makers and retailers with copies of Windows XP. After that OEMs and retailers will be able to continue selling from their stock but will not be able to order more licences or boxed copies from Microsoft. Some exceptions apply, most importantly an extension until the end of June 2010 for makers of low-cost laptop and desktop PCs.

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Within hours of the Friday posting, people claimed that they had dialled the numbers and received only a busy signal. "Line's been busy for hours," said a user identified only as 'jayr0' in a comment left about six hours after the notice appeared.

Microsoft said it is not running any kind of XP-related poll, a company spokeswoman told Computerworld US yesterday. "Microsoft is not organising any official petitions to extend sales of Windows XP," she said. "The phone numbers claimed on Neowin's website as capable of logging calls requesting an extension for Windows XP are actual Microsoft support numbers. They are designed for people seeking technical solutions and help; they are not intended to receive official complaints or suggestions regarding the lifespan of our products."

She also urged users to stop dialling. "As a courtesy to customers in need of technical assistance, we ask callers not to call Microsoft Customer Support Services to request an extension for Windows XP."