Microsoft is going public with the results of its operating system Pepsi Challenge. The software giant asked XP-using Vista nay-sayers in San Francisco to try out an all-new alternative to its much maligned OS: Windows Mojave.

Of course, Mojave and Vista are one and the same thing. But that didn't prevent the hapless dolts who were tested queueing up to praise Mojave as much as they'd previously spread vitriol all over Vista.

The XP-loving, Vista-loathing users watched a video of a 'new Microsoft operating system', called Windows Mojave. When asked what they thought of the newbie, nine out of 10 of the subjects expressed positive opinions.

And now Microsoft has launched a slick Mojave website, showing the users' reactions, and inviting you to 'decide for yourself'. Although whether anyone should build an opinion of an operating system based on a video is open to debate. Isn't that sort of hype how all the problems started in the first place?

Nonetheless, Microsoft is thus trumpeting the 'research', saying it proves that the problem with Vista is one of perception, rather than substance. While I tend to agree with that sentiment (at least in part), I can't help but feel that all this project does is prove that Microsoft accepts there's a problem with Vista. Furthermore, the Redmond Mafia is worried enough to start throwing money at silly PR stunts.

Still, at least if Microsoft is concentrating on nonsense such as this, it's not hyping up Windows 7. We may even be spared the whole sorry saga next time round. What do you mean naive?

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