Kiwi start-up GreenButton, which specialises in cloud computing, has been acquired by Microsoft.

While financial terms of the deal were not revealed, Microsoft stated that the acquisition is meant to further bolster Microsoft Azure and the company's commitment to big compute in the cloud.

"Data and computation are driving businesses today--but as data volume, variety and velocity continue to explode, our customers need help processing massive amounts of information and running compute-intensive simulations for a growing number of applications," said Mike Neil, director of program management for Microsoft Azure.

"This need is met by big compute, and that is why today we are excited to be welcoming GreenButton into the Azure family. With GreenButton's tools integrated into Microsoft Azure, we will provide solutions that allow anyone to harness the power of the cloud."

Microsoft has assured that it will retain and invest in GreenButton's team and infrastructure, which will remain in New Zealand after the acquisition.

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"We have enjoyed an incredibly supportive relationship with Microsoft for many years, from their support through BizSpark, to being one of their global technology award winners," said Scott Houston, founder and CEO of GreenButton.

"This purchase is a real shot in the arm for other New Zealand companies. It shows that if you take your ideas to the world stage, Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft might just notice. It happened to us, so it's entirely possible it could happen for other Kiwi start-ups."

GreenButton's technology solutions are used for running compute intensive applications in the cloud. Some of its largest customers include US-based companies Pixar, NASA and Boeing.