The processeses uses to map a large nation such as Australia are applied to New Zealand as well, according to regional maps and content director, Peter Hawkins

Hawkins made the observation during the launch of Navman's 2013 MY and EZY range of in-car navigation products, where the maps are provided by

"New Zealand probably does not like us saying this, but both countries are part of the same subregion for us," he said.

"There's a reason why New Zealand likes to call Australia 'the West island,' and vice versa."

Hawkins highlighted that has a dedicated field team based out of Wellington, and they are solely focused on doing the same things as the Australian team, such as outsourcing partnerships.

"That is a very stringent model that we adopt in every country that we operate in," he said.

Bridging the great divide

Even though Australia and New Zealand have different landmasses and city characteristics, Hawkins said it is simply a matter of scaling resources "up and down" based on the environment being mapped.

"One of the reasons the Cloud is so important for this offering is because it provides the scalability to the backend processing," he said. is currently available in over 190 countries, so whether the service is offered in neighbouring regions such as Australia or New Zealand, Hawkins said the mapping approach for each nation is uniform.

When it comes to Navman's range of products, both the Australian and New Zealand maps are available simultaneously.

The New Zealand product will come with the Australian map at not additional cost and vice versa, and this extends to the monthly map updates as well.

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