International speciality chemicals company Johnson Matthey has reduced Active Directory (AD) migration times by 83 percent, and decreased support calls to local identity administrators by 98 percent.

To do it Johnson Matthey has deployed a migration, compliance and identity and access management system from Dell. Johnson Matthey needed to respond to disparate working cultures across 27 Active Directory "forests".

The company has 10,000 users in 30 countries, and recent growth led to a need to consolidate all of its AD forests into a single forest, for centralised authorisation and administration of users and computers in the network.

This would enable better integration with existing systems, heightened security, and more effective communication and collaboration between locations, said Johnson Matthey.

Following the migration, the company also needed to effectively manage the new AD, including the delegation of administrative rights to each office for local identity and access management.

Stephen Way, divisional IT director at Johnson Matthey, said: "We chose this full solution as the benefits were threefold. It allowed us to deliver the AD migration within our tight deadline without data loss and disruption to the majority users, improve security levels and comply with industry regulations, and provide ongoing management."

Way added: "A project that could take up to four years when carried out manually, took just eight months. And, because it manages some of the administration, the Dell ActiveRoles Server system has also delivered significant time savings for IT staff, giving them more time to focus on value-added activities."

Way said support calls have also "dropped by 98 percent".