Two apps for the iPhone that let users keep a record of time and expenses spent on various projects, also offer the capability to export the data to Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets.

iSpend and PocketPunchclock have been created by the epiPhoné Coders' Guild. iSpend allows users to track expenses on their iPhone. Multiple 'jobs' ensure expenses for different clients or purposes are kept separate. Users can also categorise expenses based on type, such as travel, accomodation, food, etc.

Additional features include the ability to take pictures of a receipt and store it with the record, and the ability to track billable miles. Exporting to Google Docs or Spreadsheets requires a free Google account, but the expenses can also be emailed in comma-separated value (CSV) format.

PocketPunchclock helps keep track of how much time has been spent on a project, whether for personal or business reasons. The application takes advantage of the iPhone's location services to track where users are when they clock their hours - it can store longitude and latitude along with the time and date.

For those who track hours for multiple clients, PocketPunchclock allows several timesheets, each one containing a list of tasks, to be stored. As with iSpend, data can be exported from PocketPunchclock either by emailing it in CSV format or by sending it to Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets.

Both iSpend and PocketPunchclock are available on the App Store and are compatible with iPhones and the iPod touch running iPhone software 2.0 or later. iSpend costs $11 and PocketPunchclock costs $10.

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