Speech recognition has been with us for years, but is generally overlooked by mainstream businesses. However, the smart ones are using it to take the pain out of document writing so they can get on with their jobs.

Nuance Communications recently conducted a business-efficiency survey amongst SMEs in the UK, France and Germany. The research found that, on average, SMEs dedicate two hours a day to creating and editing documents. A quarter spend up to four hours, with many using five hours or more.

Most people feel that managing, creating and editing text is a huge time-waster; even more so than travelling to meetings! But it doesn’t have to be this way; you can save this valuable time.

Speech software enables you to create documents three times faster than typing them. For companies that make money from the words they generate, such as copywriters, translators or typists, they stand to triple their revenue potential using speech.

Even if your words don’t generate income directly, most organisations can benefit from using speech because it cuts down the time it takes to create documents. And with today’s clever voice recognition software, you can give commands without using a keyboard or mouse, saving even more time. You can still use the keyboard and mouse alongside speech when you need to.

Today’s employees know how to use speech with their tablets and phones, with features such as voice-activated dialling and commands. Using speech in the working day is the next logical step.

Worth noting is that training is no longer an issue with speech recognition. With Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, users can get started without having to train at all - the software trains itself over time. Plus, Dragon is now 99% accurate.

It’s also fully compatible with the latest devices such as Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro, so you can use it within the Office Suite of applications and move around and control the interface using speech.

Another way that speech will transform your working life is when you use it out of the office. The software can automatically turn your speech notes into text later on, saving time and increasing increases immediacy. In other words, you can log your thoughts and data while it’s fresh and accurate, rather than risk losing it all en route back to the office.

And with a good noise-cancelling headset, you can use speech in almost any environment. You can even dictate if you do not have a headset with you, as Dragon NaturallySpeaking  13 supports built-in microphones available in today’s laptop PCs. This makes it ideal for field workers: mobile healthcare, logistics managers, regional sales representatives, building surveyors, the list goes on.

Speech is the future, and it’s here now, ready to transform your working day. Using speech, your business can be more competitive and efficient, and your workforce can gain control of their text documents and their time. Are you ready to be in control of your working day?

This article is brought to you in association with Nuance.