Google has acknowledged it suffered an outage of up to five minutes across its services late on Friday night, meaning those relying on cloud-based applications, as well as web searchers saw their work grind to a halt.

The outage had global implications, as and its various Google apps were down between 23.52 and 23.57 BST.

According to analytics company GoSquared, the outage caused an estimated 40 percent drop in global traffic - or pageviews - during the five-minute window.

GoSquared statistics also show page views spiked immediately after Google engineers put their spanners down and web addicts managed to get going again.

For corporate users, however, we'll never know how many pieces of work or number of deals were disturbed as a result of them relying on cloud-based Google apps, like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.

Google says the issues around the outage have been resolved.