Apple Health Kit vs Google Fit

Apple and Google have both announced fitness products recently so here's where we explain the difference between Health Kit and Google Fit. See also: The 11 Best Activity Trackers 2014: The best fitness trackers you can buy in the UK right now.

In the last couple of months, Apple and Google have both held their annual developer conferences in the form of WWDC and I/O. At each, the rival tech firms detailed new fitness platforms so here's what you need to know about each one and how they compare.

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Google Fit vs Apple Health Kit: What are they?

Health, will launch as a new system app with iOS 8 and Apple says it will give you an 'easy-to-read dashboard of your health and ?tness data'. However, Health Kit is a tool for developers which means their apps can access your health data and other fitness apps. You will be able to choose whether to give permission or not and select which data is shared. Read: iOS 8 screenshots: how iOS 8 compares with iOS 7.

"For example, your blood pressure app could share its data with a physician app, such as the Mayo Clinic app, so your doctor can provide high-quality guidance and care." explains Apple.
The idea is that with the ability to share the information, it will be an easier and more comprehensive way of managing your health and fitness.

Google Fit is essentially the same thing but for its own Android operating system, describing it as "An open platform that lets users control their fitness data.Google Fit lets developers build smarter apps and manufacturers focus on creating amazing devices."

Google Fit

The Google Fit SDK (software development kit) will be available in autumn 2014 – interested developers can sign up here.

The SDK for each will include new APIs (application programming interface) to allow developers to view available sensor data, connect apps and devices together and access and edit the user's fitness history.

Google Fit vs Apple Health Kit: What apps will support them?

So now you know what they are, you're probably wondering what manufacturers and apps will be use the Health Kit and Google Fit platforms to provide you with the benefits of sharing data.
For Health Kit, Apple has confirmed that it is working with various partners in the US and UK.

They include Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS in the UK, and Mount Sinai, UCLA Health and Stanford Hospitals in the US. Others include Nike, Strava, Epic Systems and Mayo Clinic.

"We believe Apple's HealthKit will revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people," said John Noseworthy, Mayo Clinic's president and CEO.

Google Fit partners

On the Google side of the fence, the firm has announced that it is working with a number of partners on Google Fit including Adidas, HTC, Intel, Motorola and RunKeeper. See the full list above.